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CLORCentralne Laboratorium Ochrony Radiologicznej (Polish: Central Laboratory on Radiological Protection; Warsaw, Poland)
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Clor, supra note 2, at 36-37 ("The traditional public morality that condemns the pornographic is part of an ethos associating sexuality with love or affection--or, at least, regarding it as a relation among persons, not just between bodies.
La clor promazina se ha utilizado tambien en algunos estudios, pero su menor poder sedante respecto a la levomepromazina aconseja reservarla para casos en que no pueda utilizarse esta.
Clor recounts how many times the car nearly died or was emasculated, and how the people who did that later took credit for the car's success.
When on a trip to London, Luke Smith of Clor offered to re-record their demos.
Faced with these challenges, 15% of the nurses in one study reported resigning a position due to experiencing moral distress (Corley, Elswick, Gorman, & Clor, 2001).
It is outrageous that Clor Dunning has so easily agreed to hand over part of our borough to Middlesbrough.
In the past year we supported Clor and Leaves and Tom Vek - who's a really good friend of ours.
WHEN music magazines and serious national newspapers start doling out reviews like "ridiculously perfect" and "Britain's best new band" then you have to take notice Clor, above, a five-piece who banded together from various points around the country in south London's club land, are the latest hipsters to be lauded to the high heavens.
HAILED as one of the best new bands in Britain when they released their debut album in the summer, Clor play Warwick University next Friday - three days before they unveil new single Good Stuff.
Co-founding Clor became a necessity for Barry Dobbin and Luke Smith after the success last year's Welcome, Music Lovers EP brought them.
Clor Professor of Political Science at Kenyon College.
CLARITY CLOR MOR, AllChem Industries Water Treatment Group, Inc.