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On its surface, Endgame revolves around four characters--Hamm, the motionless blind old man seated in his wheelchair at the center of the room, Clov, Hamm's servant who cannot sit down, and Nagg and Nell, Hamm's legless parents living in dustbins--whose absurd, pointless, and disruptive dialogues leave them with a circular and repetitive plot which goes nowhere in the end.
Clov pushes his master around in a dilapidated arm chair attached to what looks like a well-used bogey.
It's husband and wife, father and son, carer and patient, Laurel and Hardy, Steptoe and son, Hamm and Clov.
Clov is, of course, Hamm's adopted son ("I was a father to you"/ "Yes .
CLOV went into production in July and has 34 undersea wells with maximum production capacity of 160000 barrels of oil daily.
160,000 bpd of the latter will come from Total's CLOV project that began in May 2014 and 140,000 bpd from projects with ENI and ESSO in Block 15 slated to come on stream in 2015.
In Angola, ExxonMobil recently started up the CLOV project, expected to reach a capacity of 160,000 bpd.
La pieza se muestra como el juego rutinario entre dos personajes, el ciego y paralitico Hamm y su sirviente Clov al interior de un refugio, el home, que parece ser el ultimo reducto de vida tras una aparente catastrofe que ha acabado con el ciclo natural: el sol, las mareas, la germinacion.
Having suffered history to the point of exhaustion, Vladimir and Estragon, Hamm and Clov and Krapp amplify the Void, preparing a place for a Sunday morning's Whomever and all his mercies.
In a recent blog post, CLOV asked this question: "Is a mobile website for your business really necessary?
Asi los griegos caracterizaron al ser humano como CLov loyov e%ov, el ser vivo que tiene como posesion esencial la posibilidad del discurso.
This concern with order or dharma--the order of being, the being-in-the-world, the ever-impinging world of alien entanglements, the order of values, existence--brings us to interrogate Beckett's Endgame (22) with a host of questions: to what extent have Hamm and Clov honored the dharma of their being as evolutionary and generative?