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CLYCounty of London Yeomanry (British Army regiment)
CLYCalvi, Corsica, France - Ste Catherine (Airport Code)
CLYCircuit-Limited Yield (semiconductor manufacturing)
CLYLyocell Fibres
CLYCercle Littéraire Yverdon (French: Yverdon Literary Circle; theatrical company; Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland)
CLYCurrent Law Yearbook
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ALAN CLY LY L NE YNE Y shared a birthday bash with England's Nick Matthew but the No.
ALLIANZ NHL DIVISION 2B ALLIANZ NH CLY L points as tab secured the DIVISION 2B, w London and A STEPHEN CLYNCH fired nine table-toppers Meath their third win in with wins also for Armagh.
The sextet join Belle and Sebastian, Snow Patrol (then named Polar Bear) and Biffy Cly ro in releasing their debut album on the award-winning Glasgow label.
Roger ws too strong for me tody nd he is phenomenl plyer - there re very few tht cn live with him on ny surfce other thn cly t the moment.