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CMAXMaximum Concentration
CMAXMaximum Capacity
CMAXContent Management for American Express (content management system)
CMAXCombined Medical Assistance Exercise
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Cmax and Tmax were obtained directly from the original data and it was 26.
In the summer of 2014, COTA contacted ITSENCLOSURES about deploying digital signage at the new CMAX bus stops around the city of Columbus, Ohio.
This will allow I'rom Group to integrate the CMAX business and to learn from IDT's experience in managing CMAX, paving the way for I'rom Group to acquire the remaining shares of NewCo over the next twelve months.
Nixon, who had 32 convictions for 78 offences, wrote offthe moving CMax car, leaving it to crash into a wall.
20) Carbamazepine's bioavailability is influenced by intestinal CYP3A4 activity; in a randomized, 2-phase crossover study of 10 patients with epilepsy, grapefruit juice was found to increase AUC of carbamazepine by 41% and Cmax by 40%.
Pimobendan plasma concentrations, Cmax, and AUC were higher after administration of a suspension compounded from the tablet compared with a suspension compounded from the raw powder.
Named for his younger brother, Carlos Maximiliano, the Cmax is an emergency shelter that combines advantages of tents with those of trailers.
The C/Cmax analysis (Figures 2 and 3) considered Cmax to be the maximum muA values detected for the compounds when they were at their maximum level during the culture time: MP (1420 muA; 0 days of culture), PN (776 muA, 0 days of culture, detected to be as degradation product of the commercial product).
6 mg twice daily) resulted in an increase of 12% in Cmax and 7% increase in AUC of febuxostat.
The Vertrek was first seen at the Detroit Motor Show in January and is based on Ford's new global platform the company is also using for the new Focus and the latest C-MAX and Grand CMAX multi-activity vehicles.
Our FDA and TGA audited manufacturing site is located in Melbourne, Australia and is complimented by an early phase clinical trials facility CMAX, based in Adelaide, Australia.