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CMAXMaximum Concentration
CmaxMaximum Capacity
CMAXCombined Medical Assistance Exercise
CMAXContent Management for American Express (content management system)
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Pimobendan plasma concentrations, Cmax, and AUC were higher after administration of a suspension compounded from the tablet compared with a suspension compounded from the raw powder.
color = c // color e[index] with color c and update colMatrix edgeColor (e, eNumber, index + 1) // call recursively edgeColor end for if (all edges in e colored) return true // returns to grapgColor else return false // back track to edgeColor to change previous edge color end sub sub main Read the graph of n vertices in terms of Adjacency matrix adjMatrix [i][j] Read the membership values for the edges of the graph weight [i][j] Read the number of available colors k and color difference table colorTable [i][j] Initialize cMax = k + 1 and C [0] = -1.
Both the Cmax and the AUC values were drastically reduced 2-4 times by a single water rinse with 15 mL of water, in agreement to others studies [Sjogren and Birkhed, 1994; Issa and Toumba, 2004].
The scores were then added together and it ended up a tie between the Ford CMax and the Renault Espace.
It's particular Max power is the Focus CMax which slots into the family range between the Fusion and Galaxy.
The result is a newcomer called the CMax, which will go on sale in the late autumn, and is similar to Toyota's Corolla Verso.
In particular, the ratio of the Cmax to MIC or AUC to MIC (AUIC) can be predictive of drug efficacy, although which parameter is most predictive of clinical outcome is the subject of some disagreement.
No data on NVP and SQV-S 5 NVP & EFV Decrease in EFV AUC by 22% and EFV Cmin by 36%; NVP levels unchanged; Dose increase of EFV to 800 mg daily being discussed, but no safety data are available for this dose (7th CROI, 2000) 6 APV & EFV Decrease in APV Cmax by -36%, AUC -39% and Cmin -43% (5th CROI, 1998).
Access is achieved through a vehicular sallyport or by an underground pedestrian tunnel connecting the inmate services building with the administrative services building, which is located outside the secure perimeter of the CMAX.
A slightly lower Cmax than that of the 25 mg Viagra([R]) tablet was observed with the 20 mg oral spray dose.
Egalet-001 60 mg was bioequivalent to MS Contin 60 mg with a Cmax ratio of 95.
A new option to accomplish that going forward is the much-anticipated Cmax drop-away arrow rest from G5 Outdoors.