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CMDRConsole Management Diagnostic Resource
CMDRCanadian Medical Device Regulation
CMDRCraniometaphyseal Dysplasia, Autosomal Recessive
CMDRCompact Motor Driver Robot
CMDRCommand Reject (Sprint)
CMDRCentral Management Data Repository
CMDRCoherent Monopulse Doppler Radar
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It emerged that Lt Cmdr Tholens was an official in the Third Reich on his return to Germany, responsible for work, which astonishingly gave him another link with North Wales.
Lt Cmdr Marshall joined the Australian air force, and his family migrated with him.
She took a bomb down the funnel, which nearly broke her back, and she sank to the bottom of the Gladstone dock," says Blake Simms, Lt Cmdr Simms' son.
Grafton was a very small town, with only one stoplight at the time," said Cmdr.
But Cmdr Clough hopes to return to the Mersey soon.
The Navy did not release any details about the investigation or about any possible allegations against Cmdr Bentley but it is not believed to be related to the squadron's missions or duties.
They were inspected by Cmdr Dai Kent of the Royal Navy.
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said Cmdr Axon, from Southsea, had been recalled as a result of an equal opportunities investigation.
Bogdan assumed the same day the post formerly held by Cmdr.
Daily Post night editor John Williams recently tweeted Cmdr Hadfield to ask: "Chris, great to follow you.
Cmdr West will have her own cabin and steward on HMS Portland, but will dine alone each night unless invited to join other officers.
In the shooting spree, Donovan fired six shots, killing Lt Cmdr Molyneux.