CN8Comcast Network (Channel 8)
CN88th Cranial Nerve (vestibulocochlear or auditory)
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She has been featured by such media as TIME, Fortune, The New York Times, CNN, CNBC and CN8.
Produced Philadelphia's Hip-Hop Summit National Town Hall Meeting On Community Empowerment which aired on CN8, The Comcast Network in August
NEW YORK -- The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) and the National Voter Coalition announced today that CN8, The Comcast Network, will broadcast the Hip-Hop Summit National Town Hall Meeting on Community Empowerment in Comcast homes from Maine to Virginia on Monday, August 21, 2006 at 10 pm EDT.
We are honored to have CN8, The Comcast Network, broadcast the Town Hall Meeting to its almost 9 million viewers," said Simmons.
CN8 is the nation's leading regional cable network with a reach that spans almost 9 million homes from Maine to Virginia.
This was an important and very candid discussion held at a critical time," said Art Fennell, CN8 anchor.
21 broadcast, CN8 will re-air "The Hip Hop Summit" Monday, Sept.
com, which is a division of the Wall Street Journal Online, and for Comcast Network Channel CN8.