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CO2ECarbon Dioxide Equivalent
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The analysis concluded that the Farnek cleaning operation produced 1,637 tonnes CO2e per year, equivalent to almost 11 kg of CO2e per cleaner per working day, or close to 3.
An email with a large attachment emits about 50 CO2e, and a spam message, not even opened by the recipient, is responsible for 0.
Over the lifetime of the project, 88,000 tonnes of CO2e will be saved, which will have a similar effect as taking around 2,500 cars off the road.
On this occasion, we have offset more than 89t CO2e total emissions.
So far, over 1,000 customers have switched to deliveries with the Maxinest crates, which have an average lifetime Product Carbon Footprint of just 26kg CO2e for each crate, 68 percent less than cardboard.
This accomplishment is equivalent to 28,987 mmBtus of annual source energy avoided and 817 MT of annual CO2e avoided.
It found that 100 grams of the frozen pizza, for example, produced 556 to 610 CO2e, while 100 grams of chilled and home prepared pizza produced 554 to 590 and 569 to 580 CO2e, respectively.
Energy use at Olympics' venues in particular was 31,000 tonnes of CO2e lower than expected.
45 kg CO2e per kg are likely to compare favourably against other materials -- including most domestic UAE wood and non-wood products and even recycled materials'.
Specifically, Gore's gang wanted to knock off Cantor Fitzgerald, an investment bank whose subsidiary CO2e.
In the RGGI market, Point Carbon predicts that 985 Mt CO2e, valued at $2.
5 tonne of CO2e ( carbon dioxide equivalent) per capita against the 2005 global average of 4.