CoBAMConsortium of Brick-And-Mortar (companies)
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The structure of the commercial buildings sector that we use to guide the development of CoBAM was gene rated from a literature review originally reported in Martinez-Moyano et al.
The impact of CoBAMs on competing B2B technology companies remains unclear at this time.
Yet despite the remaining uncertainty and disappointment to date, we believe that within certain industries the vertical marketplaces will eventually shine, be they dot-com marketplaces, CoBAMs (Consortia of Brick-And-Mortar players), or private marketplaces.
With the FTC closing its investigation of Covisint, the large CoBAMs have implicitly cleared the regulatory hurdle that has shadowed their progress.
While not a CoBAM in our traditional definition, EnronOnline represents an example of an offline player's attempts to succeed in the online world.
With Commerce One (a,c), Ariba, FreeMarkets (a), and PurchasePro gaining an average of more than 40% in the past few days, this revival is looking more like the days of old--before the emergence of CoBAMs (Consortia of Brick-And-Mortars) and the recent correction in the market when B2B bombed 60%-80%.
This is where the start-ups try to sign up all of the BAM companies that either did not get invited or did not join the CoBAM.
com and Chemdex (a) (Ventro's life sciences division) are good examples of pure-plays that arguably have insurmountable leads over potential CoBAM entrants.
Finally, with deep-pocketed CoBAMs lurking overhead, is now really the best time to be cutting sales & marketing and R&D budgets in half?
Pile on to these inherent challenges the confusion created by the battle between CoBAMs (Consortia of Brick-And-Mortar players) and dot.
With the maladies of the overall market, subsequent valuation deflation, and concerns about CoBAMs (Consortiums of Brick-and-Mortar players), the B2B sector has returned to the gravitational pull of the earth.