CoCCACouncil of Country Code Administrators (Christmas Island)
COCCACoalition of Concerned Copyright Advocates (Ghana)
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Cocca is the Academic Program Assistant at Hudson Valley Community College, her Alma Mater, where she specializes in Administration and Student Relations.
They've made great play in the last few days of their decision to promote prop Chris Cocca to their replacements' roster from local club rugby with the Easts club.
Por otra parte, como bien observo Aldo Cocca en su estudio, por su contenido ideologico las piezas de Alberdi "reclamaban difusion, pronta e inmediata difusion" (29); es decir, que se prestaban mas para las paginas de la prensa que para el tablado.
Cocca (2005) puts forth one of the few studies exploring potential reasons for the stock market volatility of information technology companies.
The Dalechampia stipulacea dry fruit dehisces by a split between the carpels, isolating a carpophore and three cocca, and later each carpel or coccum opens up for a split along the dorsal region.
Hadley, Alex Hoar; Hanson, Betty Petersen, Wayne Petersen; Lexington, Chris Floyd, Norma Floyd, Soheil Zendeh; Lincoln, Taber Allison, Linda Cocca, Nancy Soulette; Mashpee, Peter Trimble; Medford, Luke Butler, David DesRochers, Brian G, Tavernia; Middleboro, Kathleen S.
After moving to the area in the 60s, his dad Franco, uncle Giovanni and close friend Tony Cocca formed a team called Jolly Milan, based out of the Jolly Carter pub.
Then ten years ago, brothers Sergio and Rafael Cocca came across a distinctive nodule, or chunk of rock, and moved it to the Olsacher Museum, in Zapala, where they both are technicians, seventy-five miles away.
Cocca, The Politics of Statutory Rape Laws: Adoption and Reinvention of Morality Policy in the States, 1971-1999, 35 POLITY 51, 53-58 (2002) (relating a supporting anecdote: after a case in which a gendered statutory rape law allowed dismissal of charges against a forty year-old woman who had sex with eight males aged fourteen to sixteen, the stepmother of one of the victims lobbied to have the law changed and failed to win NOW's support because "the problem of women raping men is not the major problem").
After Geryon deposits Dante and Virgil in lower Hell he vanished, says the poet, "like an arrow from a bow" (come da corda cocca [17.
Da una tasca gli veniva fuori una cocca del tovagliolo, e si vedeva che ancora masticava l'ultimo boccone.
Poi, pochi di appresso, avendo il mercatante cipriano ogni suo fatto in Rodi spacciato e in Cipri volendosene tornare sopra una cocca di catalani che v'era, domando la bella donna quello che far volesse, con cio fosse cosa che a lui convenisse in Cipri tornare.