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COBRASCosmic Background Radiation Anisotropy Satellite
COBRASColorado Bicycle Racing Association for Seniors
COBRASCity of Belfast Radio Amateurs Society (Ireland)
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But the last thing cobras want to do is waste venom on animals they can't swallow whole, like people," Slowinski says.
Cobras track prey using senses of smell, sight, and hearing.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- A limited-edition Ford (NYSE: F) Mustang Cobra convertible, which will be the official pace car for the 78th Indianapolis 500, May 29, 1994, was introduced today in a ceremony at the Indianapolis Auto Show, Indiana Convention Center.
The Mustang Cobra pace car will be a fitting model to recognize Mustang's 30-year tradition as a leader in its class, and Ford's long association with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Only Surviving Dual Supercharged Factory Cobra to Be Sold
COBRA A snake charmer's favorite, the slender Indian cobra inhabits forests, fields, and urban areas in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
The "star car" and a genuine Shelby Cobra will shine alongside a field of sports and entertainment superstars at the celebrity golf event.
For more than 24 years, Shelby did not produce or sell Cobras or Cobra replicas and stood silently by as an entire Cobra replica industry evolved with his knowledge and acquiescence.