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CODELCOCorporacion Del Cobre-Chile
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It operates without emissions and so quietly that Codelco wanted it equipped with beepers and lights so it wouldn't sneak up on people, said Baiden.
Pizarro Contador of Codelco will be joined by over 60 senior mining executives including representatives from Anglo American, Barrick Gold, Cerro Bayo, Constanza, Codelco, Co llahuasi, Freeport-McMoRan Inc.
Regarding an idea at Codelco to list shares in London and Santiago through an international subsidiary, Jofre said that there is nothing certain yet.
A state-run Chilean company with a number of copper mining and smelting operations across the country, Codelco is the world's largest copper producer.
Codelco, which is state owned, has embarked on an ambitious expansion plan at all its main divisions, designed to consolidate its position as the world's largest copper mining company.
that it is within the terms of the original agreement with Codelco that
Aramark have a contract with Codelco to manage and operate their canteens.
Freeport, which is the second largest global copper producer after Codelco, owns a 51% interest in El Abra, with the remainder in Codelco's hands.
However, Codelco said it expectes to gradually resume extraction, depending on the weather conditions.
He said that Codelco stood to lose $8m per day of strike action.
Contract workers for CODELCO build infrastructure, repair machinery, clear rock, and provide food and transport services.
of Administration and Finance, said Codelco is considering a series of investment projects for the El Salvador division in order to increase production, despite its high production costs.