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COLISAConfederation of Open Learning Institutions of South Africa (Pretoria, South Africa)
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Like most thirty something couples, Colisa McFadden and David Fowler are trying to keep their heads above water.
There's a new family member, David Isaac, making David, 36, and Colisa, 34, feel financially squeezed.
Thanks to their software, notes Colisa, "we're able to save about 20% of our income.
The five fish species Ambassis (=Chanda) nama, Parambassis (=Chanda) ranga, Colisa fasciatus, Aplocheilus panchax, and Esomus danricus were collected from the rice-fields and irrigation canals in and around The University of Burdwan campus and Agricultural Farm, Golapbag, Burdwan, India (19).
001 Fish species Abbreviation Numerical Letters Ambassis 1 ANA (=Chanda) nama Aplocheilus 2 APA panchax Colisa fasciatus 3 COF Esomus danricus 4 EDA Parambassis 5 PARA (=Chanda) ranga Poecilia 6 POR reticulata Table 2.
Before Mariah's birth in March, Colisa worked full-time as a self-employed accountant She had five employees and personally netted about $40,000 last year.
The problem is that Colisa is now only working part-time, cutting her income substantially," says Cheryl D.
What with a student loan, and Visa and MasterCard, Colisa and David are spending $460 a month to service their debt.
Colisa, being an accountant is interested in investing further.
Colisa should start a Keogh account but be aware that she would have to contribute to her employees' retirement accounts as well.
ii) Colisa lalia (Hamilton-Buchanan), 1822 (Common name: Dwarf gourami)