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Coll, of no fixed address, went on the run in Scotland after the attack.
She gave advice about the care of the animals but Coll became aggressive when she asked to see the rest of the property, so she came back with another inspector - and the pair were kicked out of the house.
Coll can be contacted at his office by phone at 617-592-4358 or by email at IColl@amerlux.
The main thing I worry about is just making a mistake on the road and getting kidnapped or something like that," Coll told Gulf News on the sidelines of his book signing session at the Festival.
Coll is the president of the New America Foundation, and a contributor at The New Yorker magazine.
Coll was as close to the property line as possible and as she bent down to pat a dog, a fire truck went by and struck her in the right buttock, which spun her around and resulted in her falling backward several feet in the air, and subsequently forcibly striking the back of her head against the road," she alleges in the complaint.
For too long, American political strategy in Afghanistan has been subordinate to military and intelligence operations," Coll wrote in an article for the New Yorker magazine.
Most damage is likely to happen not in Europe or America, but in India," Coll warned on a day Pakistan called Indian external affairs minister S.
After that, Coll undertook both audit and corporate finance assignments in Budapest, Hungary, with KPMG.
Coll reports that ''I also felt that we were in a very difficult situation -- with no precedent at the Bank -- and that it had enormous potential to damage the Bank's reputation.
Daily mail under-18 cup, Round Four: Bradford GS 31 Crossley Heath 24, St Ambrose Coll 13 St Edwards Coll 9.
Byes into round two: Cross Keys Coll, Glantaf, Cardiff HS, Caerleon, Bishop Gore, St David's Coll.