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COLLAChronic Occlusions of Low Limb Arteries
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Guarde en mi mochila la piedra y un par de mudadas y me fui del pueblo sin despedirme del colla Vargas ni de su mujer.
I believe that the difference observed in this respect may be due to the particularity of the Colla adornment, hung below the chin, and also associated with the crescent-shaped diadem on the forehead.
But the choice of Mac Colla as a pseudonym, like that of MacDiarmid, actually signifies the wish to reject Arnold's ideological schema and promote unity on all the aforementioned levels, especially the political unification of Scotland in the cause of national independence.
However, by dealing with a potentially heterogeneous variable as if it is homogeneous, one runs the risk of establishing inaccurate causal relationships, such as those observed by Colla et al.
Hay varios terminos que se utilizan para distinguir gente de las tierras altas y bajas pero que tambien tiene asociaciones con su situacion social, 'raza' y etnicidad: mestizo, colla, colono, cholita, camba, indio, indigena u originario.
The risky venture began on April 14 when the first 30,000 bottles of Coca Colla hit the shelves.
Farmers proposed the name Coca Colla in reference to people living in the Andean part of the country.
She is also a member of Colla Voce, a Worcester-based vocal group which regularly performs concerts, and sings at parties and weddings.
However, Colla did not stress enough the implications of the continual reference to "Egypt" and "Egyptians" by the different players seeking to politicize the contemporary history of a developing country.
In the large colla ge Huddled Masses, 2001, Nakashima was even more restrictive in the methods he established for himself: Only after completing a square did he attach it to the appropriate space on the canvas.
16, Juanita Colla of San Francisco won $88 million, the highest single payout in Lottery history.