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ComEdCommonwealth Edison
COMEDCommunication for Education and Development (Association for the Development of Education in Africa Working Group)
COMEDCombined Map and Electronic Display
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Donnelly, executive vice president and chief operating officer for ComEd.
This app is the most recent in a series of tools designed to increase options for customers to communicate directly with ComEd and receive information.
The Rating Watch Negative for ComEd reflects the potential for legislative action to freeze rates at the 2006 level.
We know that power outages disrupt the lives and businesses of our customers, and ComEd appreciates our customers' patience as we work to restore power.
Despite ComEd's claims that "the Illinois auction has achieved the best possible price," BOMA/Chicago found that under the new 2007 rates, a sample of office buildings in the Chicago area (ranging from 75,000 to one million square feet) that purchase electricity from ComEd will experience the following electricity price increases:
On behalf of the many Blackhawks fans at ComEd, I couldn't be more thrilled to have the Stanley Cup back home in Chicago and this is a great way for our customers to take part in the celebration.
7 million customers throughout northern Illinois, Clark served as president of ComEd and executive vice president and chief of staff of Exelon.
ComEd works with municipal officials to prioritize outage restoration to customers that ensure public safety, such as police and fire, then hospitals and other critical customers such as pumping stations.
Ratings of EXC are less likely to be affected due to the relatively greater amount of parent level cash flow derived from other subsidiaries and the moderate degree of independence of ComEd within the holding company group.
ComEd currently has approximately 500 utility and contractor crews working to restore service to our customers as quickly and safely as possible.
If Comed's request to conduct a procurement auction is not approved and Comed is required to absorb the difference between current generation rates and prevailing market prices, the cash flow impact and the effect on Comed's ratings would be more severe.
ComEd chose the locations to allow residents in each county to participate, and each Open House will feature the same information.