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COTSCommercial Off-The-Shelf (products)
COTSCommercial off-the-Shelf
COTSCommercial Orbital Transportation Services (NASA commercial program to develop a vehicle that can reach low earth orbit)
COTSCommercial Off the Shelf
COTSCrown-of-Thorns (starfish)
COTSCoalition on Temporary Shelter (Detroit, Michigan)
COTSCommittee On Temporary Shelter
COTSChildlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy
COTSCargo Offload and Transfer System (US DoD)
COTSConsideration of Others Training Seminar
COTSChildren of the Sun (song)
COTSComponent Off the Shelf (software development)
COTSCheap Off the Shelf
COTSCrest of the Stars (anime)
COTSCouncil on Technology Services
COTSClean, Oil, Test and Stencil (railway brake systems)
COTSChronicles of the Sword (gaming)
COTSChapter Operations Training Seminar
COTSChapter Officer Training School (SPEBSQSA)
COTSConvention of the States (US Constitution)
COTSChurch on the Street (religious program)
COTSCorrected on the Spot
COTSCenter Outlook Tactical and Strategic
COTSCleaned, Oiled, Tested and Stenciled (railroad air brakes)
COTSCommittee On Technical Security
COTSCenter Operations and Technical Support
COTSContainer Offloading & Transfer System
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The Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program offers proof.
In 2005, NASA solicited proposals for a commercial ISS resupply cargo vehicle to replace the then-soon-to-be-retired Space Shuttle, through its Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) development program.
This public-private commercial push by NASA has been underway since the establishment of the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program in 2006.
The NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services project scheduled for Feb.
The company has already delivered a set of flight batteries in support of the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) vehicle development and demonstration programme.
As a winner of the NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services competition, SpaceX hopes to help fill the gap when the Space Shuttle retires in 2010.
Still, the possibility of extra cash was exciting, especially after NASA created the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program (COTS).
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden will discuss the success of the agency's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) initiative during a televised news briefing at 11:30 a.
Over the next several months, Orbital plans a hot-fire test of the Antares first stage, the maiden flight of an Antares rocket, and a cargo delivery demonstration mission to the International Space Station as part of NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services.
I think January is pretty aggressive," said Alan Lindenmoyer, manager of NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program.
com/topics/detail/192/nasa">NASA</a>'s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program, which is designed to replace the aging Space Shuttle fleet.
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