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COSSCertified Occupational Safety Specialist
COSSCentre for Open Source Software
COSSCommon Object Services Specification
COSSCost of Service Study (various locations)
COSSCorridors of Statewide Significance (Virginia Department of Transportation)
COSSCommercial Open Source Software (licensing status)
COSSCarotid Occlusion Surgery Study
COSSCouncils of Social Services (New Zealand)
COSSCooperative Osteosarcoma Study Group
COSSController of Site Safety (UK railway engineering)
COSSController of Site Safety (Named supervisor of work gangs on UK railways)
COSSCommissioner of Social Security
COSSCo-Orbit Support Systems
COSSCentaur Operations at the Space Station (NASA)
COSSCrew On-orbit Support Systems (NASA)
COSSContracts and Other Support Services (Federal Acquisition Regulation)
COSSCustomer Oriented Strategic System
COSSColorado Organization of Slalom Skateboarding
COSSContractor-Operated Storage Sites
COSSCommander's OPSEC Support System
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Both the Commissioner of Social Security and the Railroad Retirement Board will include the entire amount as paid to the individual in the statements they furnish.
118) Third, the Social Security Act gives the court the discretion to remand to the agency "on motion of the Commissioner of Social Security made for good cause shown," at any point before the agency files its answer.
Recommendation: To improve wounded warriors' access to SSA disability benefits, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs and the Commissioner of Social Security should work together to improve outreach to veterans on SSA disability benefits.
Hardy is the former commissioner of Social Security (1986-88) and chairman and CEO of Work Recovery, Inc.
Chater, Commissioner of Social Security, has said that "no short-term crisis exists and we should avoid creating an atmosphere where hasty decisions might be made.
Under current law the Commissioner of Social Security may not pay benefits in excess of the available balances in a trust fund, borrow money for a trust fund, or transfer money from one trust fund to another.
Recommendation: To help ensure that SSA's IT infrastructure effectively supports the anticipated increase in demand for electronic data exchange services, the Commissioner of Social Security should direct the Associate Commissioner, Office of Earnings, Enumeration and Administrative Systems to conduct detailed analyses to determine workload projections and define requirements for effectively and efficiently delivering data exchange services to the agency's partners in the future.
The 12-member panel advises the President, Congress, and the commissioner of Social Security on the implementation of the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999.
Recommendation: To strengthen SSA's investment management capability and address weaknesses and to fully implement the key practices for building the investment foundation (Stage 2) for current and project-level future IT investments' success, the Commissioner of Social Security should direct the Chief Information Officer to establish comprehensive policies and procedures for defining the investment governance process that specify (1) investment board operating procedures, (2) delegations of authority, and (3) criteria for prioritizing new and ongoing investments.
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