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COMPSTATComputational Statistics (journal)
COMPSTATComputer Statistics (law enforcement)
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NYPD's COMPSTAT process, as well as spin-offs such as Baltimore's CitiStat program, is an excellent example of how the formal and informal performance measurement process forces performance improvement.
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After designing its Compstat program, an agency now must implement the process.
When designing the Compstat model for the organization, those involved in the process must sort through a few administrative details.
The Compstat system, now used across the country, has become so popular that presidential candidate and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said he thinks federal agencies should use it.
The Compstat process, pioneered by former New York City police commissioner William Bratton and his management team after he assumed command in January 1994, "is based on the principle that by controlling serious crime, police are better poised to maintain order and solve other community problems in the promotion of public safety.
6) For more information on COMPSTAT, see James Larsen, "STOP CRIME: Systematic Tracking Operation Program Community Reporting Incidents More Effectively," FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, November 2002, 6-8.
GIS will serve as a core tool in the CompStat inspection process, which will allow command staff to use spatial technology to look at digital maps of criminal activity and compare them with everything from arrests to calls for service and more.
Wednesday's meeting gave community leaders a chance to review figures from the LAPD's Compstat program -- a computerized system that pinpoints crime.
STOP CRIME derives its foundation from the New York City Police Department's CompStat (Computerized Analysis of Crime Statistics) initiative.
As New York's 38th police commissioner from 1994 to 1996, Bratton reengineered the city's police department and instituted the COMPSTAT system, which provided precinct with instant, on-demand crime statistics from all areas of New York City, enabling rapid response.
Villaraigosa said Los Angeles planned to modify its successful Compstat program used by the LAPD to track crime throughout the city.