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On day 12, reevaluation of the complete blood cell count (CBC) indicated a significant increase in the leukocyte count to 152 000 cells/[micro]L, with a predominant heterophilia (133 700 cells/[micro]L), eosinophilia (1520 cells/[micro]L), lymphocytosis (9120 cells/[micro]L), and monocytosis (7600 cells/[micro]L).
Effects of storage conditions on complete blood cell count parameters.
Fewer children with an early diagnosis had a complete blood cell count taken.
Stored blood smears from 70 psittacine bird cases seen at the Louisiana State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (Baton Rouge, LA, USA) were retrieved along with the accompanying complete blood cell count (CBC) reports.
The latter could be accomplished in 2 ways: (1) have laboratories establish flow cytometry referral procedures, with results to be received within 72 hours, for all cases where the Rosette or acid elution techniques indicate additional doses of RhIg are required; and (2) encourage blood cell analyzer manufacturers to add FMH detection methods to the flow cytometry components of their complete blood cell count analyzers, eliminating the need for initial Rosette or acid elution testing and making an effective FMH detection and quantitation method widely available to most laboratories in the industrialized world where obstetric services are offered.
Lab tests may include TSH levels, complete blood cell count, prolactin levels, or a pelvic ultrasonogram, according to the position statement.
West Nile patient laboratory findings, New York and New Jersey, 1999 and 2000 Number Test tested (%) CSF Leukocyte count, mean 19 (100) Red cell count, mean 16 (84) Protein, mean 19 (100) Glucose, mean 19 (100) Differential,(a) [is greater than or equal to] 50% neutrophils 15 (79) Complete blood cell count Leukocyte count, mean 19 (100) Differential cell count,(a) >77% segs + bands 18 (95) Hemoglobin (male), mean 11 (100) Hemoglobin (female), mean 8 (100) Other laboratory Hyponatremia, serum Na <135 mmol/L 19 (100) Elevated AST, >twice upper limit 17 (90) Elevated ALT, >twice upper limit 15 (79) Elevated total bilirubin, >twice upper limit 16 (84) Mean value or N Test with condition (range) CSF Leukocyte count, mean 308 [mm.
Cardiopulmonary function studies * Multigated acquisition scans (at rest and during exercise) * Pulmonary function studies * Electrocardiogram Diagnostic studies to stage cancer * Computed tomography scans (chest, abdomen, pelvis, head) * a Bone scan * Bilateral bone marrow biopsy and aspirations * Complete blood cell count with differential * Chemistry profile (with liver function tests) * 24-hour urine test for creatinine and total protein measurements * Viral serology studies
A complete blood cell count and plasma biochemical analyses were performed at the start of the study and within 3 hours after the last treatment.
Manufacturers of automated analyzers and published literature often cite that blood specimens, kept at either room temperature or at 4 [degrees] C (refrigerated) for up to 24 hours, generally yield reliable results for complete blood cell count (CBC) and automated differential leukocyte count (differential).
Results of a complete blood cell count (CBC) revealed a leukocytosis (33.
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