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CGDClimate and Global Dynamics (US National Center for Atmospheric Research)
CGDCaixa Geral de Depósitos (Portuguese bank)
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CGDCoast Guard District
CGDCertified GeoExchange Designer (course)
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CGDCentre Généalogique du Dauphiné (French: Dauphine Genealogical Center; Grenoble, France)
CGDCertification Guidance Document
CGDCapital Gains Dividend
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CGDCertified Graphic Designer (Society of Graphic Designers of Canada)
CGDCanadian Geodetic Datum (Canada)
CGDCanonical Gradient Descent
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CGDCourse Graduation Date
CGDComptroller General Decision
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Comptroller General Decision B-317636, Severable Services Contracts.
Fiscal law is derived from many sources, including the US Constitution, legislative appropriation acts and authorization acts passed by Congress and signed into law by the President, judicial court rulings, and Comptroller General Decisions pertaining to constitutional and congressional intent.
Code sections), regulations (the Federal Acquisition Regulations and related sections of the code of Federal Regulations), case and administrative laws (government contracts Cases, 1982-1988, Boards of Contract Appeals Decisions, 1982-1988, and Comptroller General Decisions, 1982-1988), and treatises (Cibinic & Nash, Formation of Government Contracts, Second Edition, Cibinic & Nash, Administration of Government Contracts, Second Edition, and Keyes, Government Contracts Under the Federal Acquisitions Regulation).
510 (1975), and eight (8) hours for an employee to locate suitable housing in connection with an extended temporary assignment, Comptroller General Decision B-192258 (September 25, 1978), both of which were work-related situations.
18) Comptroller General decisions and Office of Personnel Management (OPM) guidelines (19) limit grants of administrative leave to situations involving brief absences, (20) though these sources do not specifically define the meaning of "brief.
In fact, Comptroller General decisions recognize the use of such discretion in granting excused absences for brief periods, so long as it does not violate a statute or regulation.
no basis in either the FPM or Comptroller General decisions interpreting the FPM provisions to limit the ability of agencies to determine the appropriate uses of administrative leave.
So you will find early Comptroller General decisions (and, prior to the establishment of the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Comptroller of the Treasury) holding that expenses like training were "personal" in nature and could not be paid for with appropriated funds; hence, the Congress enacted the Government Employees Training Act.
In addition to making life more bearable for federal workers, Comptroller General decisions also have begun to recognize, as a matter of fiscal law, that government equipment and resources could be used within a limited range of non-official activities, where there was little, if any, additional expense to the government.
but stated:</p> <pre> [C]ontrary to the arguments raised by the Secretary, it is not a settled matter that the Comptroller General decisions cited by the Court are not binding on VA.