CONEXContainer Express (military shipping container)
CONEXContingency Employment Exercise
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Due to their minimal footprint, conEX extruders also lend themselves ideally as coextruders.
Yukos controls movements from Odessa through its trading units which include Conex, Sintez Trading and General Petroleum Services (GPS).
Conex is the export arm of Yukos and is close to Hungarian state oil company MOL (see Part 3).
The treatment systems, air compressor, and drinking water tanks would all be located in a conex that was also used to ship the system to the community.
Never store them in a closed, unventilated shelter, CONEX or MILVAN in the summer.
With that configuration, sailors can also store the aviation detachment's 20x8x8 shipping containers called conex boxes in the hangar.
It also advised on the merger of two of the region's established law firms, Mincoffs at Newcastle and Jacksons of Stockton, while also handling an MBO at Gateshead's Conex Data Communications and the sale of North Tyneside heating consultants Simpson and Gregg.
TGER is small enough to fit into a CONEX [military shipping] container, but .
Multilayer WPC profiles and panels can be extruded with Conex equipment, using the same die as for single-layer profiles.
Tampere, Finland, has used a new version of its Conex conical-rotor extruder to produce multi-layer flat panels up to 24 in.
I have noticed an abundance of excess IMRL gear piled into conex boxes or tossed into a cage in a corner of the hangar bay.
Conex, which operates four plants in all, cost the company $12.