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COSSCertified Occupational Safety Specialist
COSSCommon Object Services Specification
COSSCommercial Open Source Software (licensing status)
COSSCarotid Occlusion Surgery Study
COSSCooperative Osteosarcoma Study Group
COSSController of Site Safety (UK railway engineering)
COSSController of Site Safety (Named supervisor of work gangs on UK railways)
COSSCommissioner of Social Security
COSSCo-Orbit Support Systems
COSSCentaur Operations at the Space Station (NASA)
COSSCrew On-orbit Support Systems (NASA)
COSSContracts and Other Support Services (Federal Acquisition Regulation)
COSSCustomer Oriented Strategic System
COSSContractor-Operated Storage Sites
COSSColorado Organization of Slalom Skateboarding
COSSCommander's OPSEC Support System
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In spite of the claims which the enmity of the First Consul gave Monsieur du Bousquier to enter the royalist society of the province, he was not received in the seven or eight families who composed the faubourg Saint-Germain of Alencon, among whom the Chevalier de Valois was welcome.
Fix," said the consul, "I like your way of talking, and hope you'll succeed; but I fear you will find it far from easy.
Unless," objected the consul, "he is exceptionally shrewd.
This observation furnished the detective food for thought, and meanwhile the consul went away to his office.
After exchanging a few words with his brother, the First Consul made a sign with his hand, which Murat and Lannes obeyed by retiring.
The First Consul could not restrain a smile as he pushed his faithful officer by the shoulders.
The First Consul took two steps backward in surprise.
But full three months must have passed since information was sent to me of an English patient, received at the hospital here, whose case I, as English consul, might feel an interest in investigating.
Julian advanced to his second extract from the consul 's letter:
I reminded her in reply that I held the position of English consul, and that my object was, if possible, to be of some assistance to her.
It was cold-blooded, deliberate attempt to murder," said Consul Lingford.
This is not permissible," Consul Lingford spluttered.