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As a result, we obtained and reassembled de novo 10 million reads into 590,010 contigs.
In an effort to facilitate discovery of genes in the USH1C critical region, we have recently begun a large-scale sequencing strategy on components of our high-resolution BAC contig.
Construction of a 350-kb sequence-ready 11q13 cosmid contig encompassing the markers D11S4933 and D11S546: mapping of 11 genes and 3 tumor-associated translocation breakpoints.
A contig assembly program based on sensitive detection of fragment overlaps.
Alternatively, assembly algorithms can be used to reconstruct short reads into a sequence contig, which is a set of overlapping sequences representing the contiguous DNA fragment (Mende et al.
Sequences were further filtered so that the local database contained only 1 unique contig for each gene segment, and multiple contigs were generated for each sample.
Scientists Use PacBio Long Reads to Simplify and Automate the Genome Assembly Process, Dramatically Reduce Contig Numbers, and Resolve Structural Variation
A 552 base pair contig encoding the full length transcript of the 60 amino acid heliomicin precursor was identified (Fig.
Intronic primers, based on the genomic sequence of AGXT in a chromosome 2 contig (GenBank accession no.
The rumen metagenome profile included the counts of reads that aligned to each contig, which could be analyzed using metagenomic tools and correlation plots.