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The editors have organized the thirty-four editor-written and contributed chapters that make up the main body of the text in four parts devoted to briefing the project team, available procurement methods, preparing for and inviting tenders, and contract administration.
Good contract administration is fundamental to the effective functioning of any construction contract; however, the role of the contract administrator is often given inadequate attention until a serious problem arises.
The company's new turnkey contract administration process will ensure that clients and candidates are presented with a dedicated account manager.
BCS will handle property management in terms of contract administration, service charge management,residents' liaison and Marina West handover in addition to the day-to-day operations.
Although not specifically defined in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), it does say at Part 37: "Agencies shall ensure that sufficiently trained and experienced officials are available within the agency to manage and oversee the contract administration function" (FAR, 37.
To effectively administer the contract, the supplier should appoint someone to "own" the contract administration function and bold that person accountable for his of her performance.
Contract administration, on the other hand, should be the responsibility of managers at a higher level, usually those originally involved in drawing up the contract.
Notes: All questions shall be addressed solely to the office of contract administration via e-mail: aot.
Operating Practices in Contract Administration, which is equivalent to DAU's CON 112: Mission Performance Assessment, addresses all aspects of effective contract administration, from initial award to final closeout.
This specialized program covers contract administration topical areas, including the applicable contract clauses, forms, and relevant issues.
Cavadias' paper entitled, "Contract Administration in a Performance-Based Acquisition Environment is Serious Business," looks at ways in which to conduct contract administration in a performance-based environment.
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