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Taking place around 500 metres out to sea at Porth-y-Pistyll, and more than 800 metres from the Cemlyn Bay nature reserve, the work will support Horizons proposal to build its cooling water intake structure, marine offloading facility and breakwater.
Key Date: EPA released the Cooling Water Intake Structure rule this May.
Final Standards for Cooling Water Intake Structures at Power Plants and Other Facilities--EPA released its final section 316(b) rule to establish performance standards for the regulation of cooling water intake structures at existing power plants and other facilities.
38) Unlike cost-benefit analysis, technology-based regulation does not depend on obtaining numbers for extremely specific aspects of a given regulatory program (such as exactly which fish species are killed by a particular cooling water intake structure, and in what numbers, and at what ages).
The rule was issued under Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act, which requires cooling water intake structures to reflect the best technology available (BTA) for minimizing adverse environmental impacts, primarily by reducing the amount of fish and shellfish that are impinged or entrained at a cooling water intake structure.
An estimated 2,100,000,000 fish, crabs, and shrimp are killed annually by being pinned against cooling water intake structures (impingement) or being drawn into cooling water systems and affected by heat, chemicals, or physical stress (entrainment).
continuing work on a proposed rule designed to prevent fish from being killed by cooling water intake structures at power plants and manufacturing facilities;
Responding to the problem, Congress, in Clean Water Act (CWA) section 316(b), required that cooling water intake structures reflect the "best technology available" (BTA) for minimizing adverse environmental impact.
Criteria and Standards Reflecting Best Technology Available (BTA) for Cooling Water Intake structures Under Section 316(B) of the Clean Water Act (RIN: 2040-AC34)
8km long navigation channel and construction of the harbor area and cooling water intake structures, will be awarded in the spring of 2016.