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COPACCommittee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (Geneva, Switzerland)
COPACCoalition of Politically Active Christians (Austin, CO)
COPACCommittee for the Promotion of Aid to Cooperatives (Geneva, Switzerland)
COPACContemporary Performing Arts of Chattanooga (Tennessee)
COPACCitizen Outreach Political Action Committee (Nevada)
COPACChip Off-Line Pre-Authorized Card
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Jerry Lux, Copac the firm s CEO said, We are pleased to have completed construction on the building expansion.
COPAC notes an undated York edn of a chapbook, which probably refers to the same book.
Continuous COPAC can provide continuous analysis of both CO and mixed venous oxygen saturations, but give pressure measures as surrogates of preload.
Newcastle University students on an expedition to Kazakhstan were among the spectators of the game of Copac.
Jose Augusto Crepaldi Affonso, president of COPAC, the Brazilian Air Force Commission in charge of the KC-390 program.
COPAC AGNES September 21, 2012 TO OUR AUNTIE (All your suffering is over Aggie.
COPAC is an on-line system for unified access to the (combined) catalogues of some of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland.
He is currently affiliated as a researcher at COPAC (Commercial Aviation Pilots Association) in Madrid, teaches at the Instituto de Empresa and serves as Managing Partner at Quasar Aviation, providing consultation on quality and safety in commercial aviation.
An important research tool supported by CURL, and funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), is the union catalog COPAC (copac.
Visa Smart includes Visa Smart Debit, Visa Smart Credit, Visa Cash, COPAC and value-added applications like customer identification and loyalty.
Some of the most useful include: Libweb (US); KINETICA (Australia); COPAC (UK); NACSIS (Japan); LIBRIS (Sweden); REX (Denmark); OHIO Link; Illinet and Z39.