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COQCoenzyme Q (dietary supplement)
COQCoquitlam (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
COQCost Of Quality
COQCommanding Officer's Quarters
COQCertification of Qualification (NASA)
COQChernoff-Optimal Quantization
COQCoût d'Obtention de la Qualité (French: Cost of Obtaining Quality)
COQCentre Ostéopathique du Québec (French: Osteopathic Center of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
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Another area of future inquiry would be a detailed study of an actual case application of COQ in an ACO.
Then there is the deep bass in the Coq d'Or that is every bit as deep and impressive as anything made today.
7-9) Several studies have reported oral CoQ to be an effective antihypertensive agent.
But Chris Bromley, co-owner of the Cafe Coq which caters for tourists, said: "We don't appeal to the same clients and we certainly are not in the same price range.
Destination restaurants like Saxon + Parole, Le Coq Rico and SD26 make excellent tenants and provide exciting opportunities to add value to our portfolio," said Berley.
htm) jumped from the top of the Coq D'Argent building in front of more than 100 diners at the esteemed restaurant at No 1 Poultry.
The next night, on April 19th, Phoebe's band, The Ooh La La Coq Tail Quintet will celebrate the release of Phoebe's new CD Ooh La La Coq Tail at Iridium, 51st and Broadway, Two sets: 7 and 9 PM
From initially being unsure, I eventually grew to like the first offering by Le Coq Sportif since the French firm was reunited with Everton.
After a court hearing in Port-au-Prince, lawyer Edwin Coq claimed nine were unaware of the alleged scheme.
The club have signed a two-year seven-figure, sponsorship deal with sports manufacturers Le Coq Sportif who have produced Wolves' strips for the past four years.
Former Sunderland goalkeeper Mart Poom expects to be a busy man at the Le Coq Arena in Tallinn on Wednesday night and believes England have enough talent to secure qualification for Euro 2008.
CYCLING: James Stewart from Aughton (Le Coq Sportif) was the winner, in 56 mins 13 secs, of the Phoenix CC (Aintree) JJ Kavanagh Memorial 25-mile time-trial on the Bickerstaffe course.