CORATChristian Organizations Research and Advisory Trust
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The word "humble" appears twice in the CORAT prayer; first in reference to people willing to receive counsel from the Holy Spirit, and second as an attribute.
CORAT reminds course participants that humility is not always appreciated; neither does it come easily to many people, especially those with many talents or who are in positions of authority and responsibility.
For an organization like CORAT, its key agents would be its executive board, enablement committee, executive director, consultants and all staff (to differing extents).
CORAT is one of those organizations which arrange for periodic evaluations, stockholder encounters or questionnaires to be distributed.
In understanding its status and position in the church CORAT has a policy that encourages all staff to see the organization as:
In relation to its staff CORAT challenges them to be:
In seeking to insist that CORAT serve with courtesy, its founders were acknowledging the place of courtesy and manners in African communities, which treat courtesy as a priceless asset.
In practical terms CORAT teaches its staff to see courtesy:
It is in CORAT's prayer because the Bible accords it so much importance that the founders of CORAT had to deal with it.
CORAT therefore teaches that increasing one's degree of honesty is possible.
In all its endeavours CORAT seeks to bring "civility"(5) to churches and Christian organizations with a particular emphasis on prayer and spirituality.
CORAT helps to create self-confident churches and Christian organizations in Africa capable of playing their part within the framework of global ecumenical efforts.