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CORICriminal Offender Record Information (Massachusetts)
CORIConference of Religious of Ireland (est. 1983)
CORIContracting and Organizations Research Institute (University of Missouri - Columbia)
CORIClinical Outcomes Research Initiative (advancing endoscopy to enhance patient care)
CORICriminal Offense Record Investigation
CORIConventional Operational Readiness Inspection
CORICentre for Ocean Research and Information (Vietnam)
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Cori said yesterday she had come forward because of attacks on the credibility of Anna Graham Hunter, who accused Hoffman of groping her when she was 17 and a film set intern.
Take a tip from me: put a fiver on Cori to lift a major professional title.
The current series includes 10 indexes, from the BlackRock CoRI Retirement Index 2014 through the BlackRock CoRI Retirement Index 2023.
BlackRock said that, unlike traditional retirement planning "calculators" that rely on user assumptions and hypothetical inputs to generate a result, the CoRI Indexes are based on comprehensive, real-time market data and a broad-based portfolio of fixed income securities.
Specifically, the CoRI Indexes track the estimated cost of $1 in future, inflation-adjusted lifetime income.
After victory over Cori, Grover's tally of points has reached 2514.
Cori and Howze are believed to have killed Webster in the Northboro motel room.
But for Cori and Antonio we are looking at London 2012 and beyond.
Prior to questioning an applicant about CORI, a prospective employer must provide an applicant with a copy of the CORI.
Director Sperling also remembers filming "a woman named Cori being there with her husband when Jason was trying to get some more escorts to go to a bachelor party.
En este contexto, la Cori (Fernanda Garcia Castaneda), una joven empleada de una estetica, y el Guipiri (Andul Zambrano), un albanil grafitero, se disponen a robar unos tenis rosas.