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C-SCorn-Soybean Meal (animal science)
C-SCoagulase-Negative Staphylococcal (microbiology)
C-SChurge-Strauss Vasculitis (internal medicine)
C-SCheek-Shoulder (ASL)
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Three lipid sources, lard (L), soybean oil (S) and coconut oil (C), were used as supplements to a 3% crude fat content corn-soybean meal basal diet formulated to 1.
2001) reported that supplemental ISF in excess of those in a corn-soybean meal diet decreased gain to feed ratio.
The 12 experimental diets (4 ingredients x 3 samples) were formulated by substituting the corn-soybean meal basal diet with 30% test ingredients.
28 mg, 4Ronozyme, 5Hemicell Table 4: Body weight (g-bird) of broiler chicks fed corn-soybean meal or corn-soybean meal-chickpea-based diets with or without enzyme supplementation Experimental diets Enzyme Body weight (g/chick) 21 Soybean No enzyme 640.
Lysine is the first limiting amino acid in corn-soybean meal diets.
2004) reported an improved weight gain and feed efficiency in broilers fed corn-soybean meal based diets supplemented with [beta]-mannanase.
4pu) upon supplementation of phytase (900FTU/kg diet) to a corn-soybean meal diet.
Previous studies also showed palm kernel expellers, palm kernel meal, or diets containing those ingredients decreased crude protein or energy digestibility of growing or finishing pigs compared with soybean meal or corn-soybean meal based diets (Son et al.
1995b) with growing-finishing pigs fed soybean meal of corn-soybean meal diets showed improvements in the bioavailability of P from phytate.
Effects of supplementation of [beta]-mannanase in corn-soybean meal diets on performance and nutrient digestibility in growing pigs.