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1) Basal, A 3% crude fat corn-soybean meal diet formulated to 1.
2001) reported that supplemental ISF in excess of those in a corn-soybean meal diet decreased gain to feed ratio.
Almost 61-70% phosphorus launch in corn-soybean meal diet is in the form of phytate phosphorus [26].
1993a) reported that phytase supplementation to a corn-soybean meal diet low in total P (0.
Equation 9-2 formulates a corn-soybean meal diet for a 40-kg pig:
True total-tract digestibility of phosphorus in corn and soybean meal for fifteen-kilogram pigs are additive in corn-soybean meal diet.
The experimental diets included four complete diets (three CDs and one corn-soybean meal diet, basal diet) and seven manufactured diets by substituting the basal diet with protein concentrate feedstuffs in 30.
4pu) upon supplementation of phytase (900FTU/kg diet) to a corn-soybean meal diet.
Liu J, Bollinger DW, Ledoux DR, Ellersieck MR, Veum TL (1997) Soaking increases the efficacy of supplemental microbial phytase in a low-phosphorus corn-soybean meal diet for growing pigs.
Russell LE, Cromwell GL, Stahly TS (1983) Tryptophan, threonine, isoleucine and methionine supplementation of a 12% protein, lysine-supplemented, corn-soybean meal diet for growing pigs.
In a typical corn-soybean meal diet for a 40 kg pig, the Ca contribution from corn and soybean meal is around 1 gram per kilogram of diet, whereas, approximately 5 gram Ca per kilogram diet is supplied by limestone and calcium phosphates (National Research Council, 1998).