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CBODCarbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand
CBODConfirm Business Object Document (Oracle)
CBODChemical and Biological Oxygen Demand (waste water treatment)
CBODCorporate Board of Directors
CBODChapter Board of Directors (various organizations)
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She served on the corporate board of directors for 11 years.
CPAs considering joining the audit committee of a corporate board of directors should make sure they understand the industry the company operates in, particularly if it is one with special considerations, such as the insurance industry.
After holding several offices, he became a member of the Corporate Board of Directors.
I can think of no greater glory for an inventor than to learn that his amazing brainchild was used to irrefutably identify all the dead members of a corporate board of directors.
The board is an informal one, not akin to a corporate board of directors.
I am a member of Borders' Diversity Task Force, along with the president of Borders, the company's top human resources official, and a member of the corporate board of directors.
Mudd says he looks forward to serving on his first corporate board of directors, which oversees 21 daily newspapers, other publications, 14 television stations, two cable companies and a creator and distributor of business graphics.
Committed to being a responsible employer, our corporate board of directors approved the revamping of the employee wage and benefits structure to include:
CID residents live under the rule of their corporate board of directors, an elected group of neighbors enforcing a set of restrictions created by the developer to ensure that his master plan will never be altered.
Back in December, the corporate board of directors set a goal to improve communications within TCA, so NewConnections is now monthly.
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