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COCOMCoordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls
COCOMCombatant Command (command authority; US DoD)
COCOMCommission Communautaire Commune (French: Joint Community Commission; Belgium)
COCOMCoordinating Committee
COCOMCorporate Communications
COCOMComplete Communication (Round Rock, TX)
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The new Director of Corporate Communications has ten years of experience in corporate communications and will manage public relations matters for Chrysler China, including brand and product promotion, and internal communications.
A longtime Hot Banana channel partner, Connexion Corporate Communications recently won two CMS Awards 2006 in the "Best Content" category for its launch of the Boom Chicago Web site (http://www.
We function as the outside corporate communications consultant to a multibillion dollar corporation,'' said Doug Dowie, head of the firm's Los Angeles office, who is paid $425 an hour as a DWP consultant.
Mark Drewell, Johannesburg, South Africa, is head of corporate communication at Barloworid Ltd.
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