COSALCoordinated Shipboard Allowance List
COSALNorman Cutler Conference on South Asian Literature (biennial conference; University of Chicago; Chicago, IL)
COSALConsolidated SEABEE Allowance List
COSALCoordinated Onboard Shipboard Allowance List
COSALConsolidated Shipboard/Shore-Based Allowance List
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Samuel Levy Benveniste es socio mayoritario y fundador de la constructora Cosal S.
This includes stock replenishment, physical inventories, COSAL maintenance, and tracking of outstanding requisitions, receipts, and issues.
Nothing says you must get to COSAL, only that you can't descend below 6100 inbound until west of COSAL.
Knowing that a defective module at sea will adversely affect the operational capability of the ship (perhaps necessitating midnight maintenance), that the quality history of the part is poor, and that the COSAL inventory may be largely defective, the bos'n may recommend replacing all or many of the modules installed on the ship while the ship is pier-side.
Solicitation: Main diesel transfer pump assembly (oem leistritz) repair parts for cosal shortages
The "bull's-eye" on afloat readiness is reflected in COSAL effectiveness.
NR Supply Corps officers set the policy for, oversee and help manage all facets of providing logistics support of reactor plants, including spare component and repair part requirements determination; equipment provisioning document development; COSAL preparation; ship outfitting; material acquisition and quality assurance; stock control; repairables management; and direct fleet assistance.
There are several systems and applications integral to the collection of information and preparation of the COSAL and Automated Shore Interface (ASI) used to update allowances.
COSAL requirements are then passed to a government activity or agent to begin the procurement process on behalf of the ship.
From the Fleet's perspective, Code 87 is most visible through its responsibility for the support, budgeting and distribution of "Q" COSAL Automated Shore Interfaces (ASIs), which provide the most up to date configuration and piece part data.
The WSS Department is also responsible for the inventory management of Keyport s shop stores, heavy weight torpedo COSAL, and sponsored-owned operating material and supplies, which includes 600,000 line items valued at more than $4 billion.