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CQCongressional Quarterly, Inc. (provider of information on government, politics and public policy)
CQCorrect (writers/editors annotation)
CQConquest (gaming)
CQNorthern Mariana Islands
CQAll stations (Logging abbreviation)
CQSeek You (radio shorthand)
CQCharge of Quarters
CQClassical Quarterly (Classics journal)
CQClear Quest (IBM rational developer tool)
CQCustom Queuing (network resource sharing)
CQCambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics
CQCarrier Qualification
CQContinuous Query
CQCome Quickly (early ship distress call)
CQCigarette Quit (Nicoderm CQ)
CQCall to Quarters
CQControl Question (polygraphy)
CQCasu Quo (Latin: In Which Case)
CQCommunication Quality
CQChex Quest (forum)
CQClosed Quarters
CQCadit Quaestio (Latin: the question falls)
CQChevalier de l'ordre National du Québec
CQCAS Signal
CQClinical Query
CQConcept Query
CQCascade Quadruplet (filter)
CQConditionally Qualified
CQCleaning Qualification
CQCaptains Qualification
CQChuckles Quietly
CQConditional Quantization
CQAir Post Parcel Post (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
CQContrat de Qualification (French: Qualifying Contract)
CQCosmoQuest (Orissa, India software company)
CQContrôle Qualité (French: Quality Control)
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org/x/beta/) CosmoQuest are asking ordinary citizens to help them analyze and identify Earth features in photos taken from space.
org/x/beta/) are all hosted on the CosmoQuest website  under the "Image Detective" feature and there's a fairly long training tutorial to help users learn to properly identify the features in the photos.
All of these mapping projects are part of the citizen science work CosmoQuest is doing.
Washington, March 14 ( ANI ): A team of scientists working with the CosmoQuest virtual research facility (CosmoQuest.
CosmoQuest is a second-generation citizen science site run out of the STEM Center at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) by Dr.
The Virtual Star Party, organized by CosmoQuest and run by Universe Today's Fraser Cain, attracts viewers worldwide every Sunday night around 11:00 p.
And many other outlets now feature regular Hangouts, among them the Planetary Society, Universe Today, CosmoQuest, and the SETI Institute.
CosmoQuest aims to take citizen science a step beyond individual projects, building a community via online forums, virtual star parties, seminars from leading scientists, a weekly news roundup, and even online classes.
Washington, August 1 ( ANI ): As NASA's Curiosity rover prepares for an historic landing on Mars, Universe Today is teaming up with Google, the SETI Institute and CosmoQuest to provide unprecedented, live coverage of the event.
Universe Today, in collaboration with CosmoQuest hosts weekly virtual star parties and science conversations via Google+ Hangouts on Air, and for the Transit of Venus, hosted a special Hangout event that was watched by nearly 7,000 viewers.