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Alongside this, the Bank continues to keep a tight rein on its expenses and has again improved its consolidated cost/income ratio(67.
Daron Pearce, EMEA Head of Global Financial Institutions at BNY Mellon, said: "In recent years we have seen major changes in both institutional and retail investor behaviour, new approaches to fund distribution and accelerated product innovation, all of which impact fund manager cost/income ratios.
NatWest's cost/income ratio is far too high and its return on equity far too low.
The reasonableness of the cost shares will not be tested by using a cost/income ratio, but by use of the best method rule, which requires use of the most reliable estimate of the sharing of benefits (Regs.
Therefore, TEI recommends that the cost/income ratio be eliminated as a presumptive test of the reasonableness of a cost-sharing agreement.
Furthermore, CBD's strong focus on banking to UAE family-owned business groups provides healthy margins, and a low cost/income ratio (H113: 30 per cent) versus peers.
Operating expenses of US$113 million increased by US$14 million in part due to one off costs resulting in cost/income ratio of 49%.
Operating expenses of $113 million increased by $14 million due in part to one-off costs resulting in a cost/income ratio of 49 per cent.
The Misys BankFusion Universal Banking solution is expected to improve efficiencies and reduce the bank's cost/income ratio.
As a positive surprise, the bank's provision charge in 4Q10 was almost zero, offsetting seasonal opex growth of 31% QoQ (which brought the quarterly cost/income ratio above the disappointing 90% level).
1 per cent in 2008, while cost efficiency was exceptionally good, with a cost/income ratio of 17.
Across our UK operations, income continues to increase while efficiency continues to improve with a reducing cost/income ratio.