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4 per cent), leading to a 2-point improvement in the cost/income ratio, which stood at 49.
We noted in our previous report that cost/income ratios were improving, and that continued to be the case in the last quarter," Dr Jaffar said.
There is a strong link between cost/income ratios and credit quality.
These are for a pre-tax operating profit before write-downs of NOK22bn-25bn, a cost/income ratio below 46% and a cost-cutting programme of NOK2bn.
NatWest's cost/income ratio is far too high and its return on equity far too low.
The reasonableness of the cost shares will not be tested by using a cost/income ratio, but by use of the best method rule, which requires use of the most reliable estimate of the sharing of benefits (Regs.
Therefore, TEI recommends that the cost/income ratio be eliminated as a presumptive test of the reasonableness of a cost-sharing agreement.
The consolidated cost/income ratio for the Group was 65 per cent despite the strong pressure on margins in the banking industry.
Shu's cost/income ratio saw a double-digit improvement to 76 per cent in the third quarter of 2013 from 134 per cent compared to the same period in 2012.
The cost/income ratio for second quarter of 2013 was 60 percent.
Operating expenses of US$113 million increased by US$14 million in part due to one off costs resulting in cost/income ratio of 49%.