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C/SConcurrent Evaluation (Shipboard)
C/SContainment and Surveillance
C/SCommon Spacecraft
C/SCommercial Vehicle Substitute
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If knowledge by both parties requires access to cost/schedule data, the first action is to re-examine the contract type (e.
In exceptional cases, such as those in which the government believes there is significant schedule risk or is concerned about the impact of cost pressures on product or service quality, cost/schedule visibility may be desired.
He is working with Monica Mehta, vice president of Quality, and Charles Leinbach, senior practice director of C-bridge Institute, to improve project management by collecting and analyzing cost/schedule data, tailoring the COCOMO model, defining better costing processes, employing a web-based cost tool, and consulting with internal and external clients.
C/SSI) to strengthen cost/schedule performance management for customers in both commercial and government sectors, including the Department of Energy, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense, and other organizations in the aerospace and defense industry.
The union of these applications will allow cost/schedule professionals and project managers to review performance trends, generate statistical estimates at completion and adhere to recognized Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria (C/SCSC) or earned value standards for their projects.
While P3e delivers the essential project planning and control functions, many of our customers have a need for a historic, auditable, cost/schedule control system that meets federal regulations.
C/S Solutions focuses on analyzing and presenting performance data so cost/schedule professionals and project managers can make timely business decisions," stated Gary W.
Andres executed the program within cost/schedule goals while exceeding technical performance goals.
The team will provide technical and management support services including program management, cost/schedule management, systems engineering, test and evaluation, logistics, provisioning, installation, and operations and maintenance.
o Powerful Resource and Cost Management, including flexible resource definition, shift and overtime management, assignment allocation, efficiency factors, materials scheduling, flexible rate changes, overhead costs, cost accounts, cost/schedule reporting, cost charting and the most efficient resource leveling as verified by independent testing.