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CVPCentral Venous Pressure (medical)
CVPCentral Valley Project
CVPChristelijke Volkspartij
CVPChristlichdemokratische Volkspartei (Christian Democratic Party)
CVPCustomer Voice Portal (Cisco)
CVPCruz Vermelha Portuguesa (Portugese)
CVPContent-Vectoring Protocol
CVPCorporacion Venezolana del Petroleo (Venezuelan Petroleum Corporation)
CVPCustomer Value Proposition
CVPCyclophosphamide, Vincristine, Prednisone (Chemotherapy Regimen)
CVPCorporate Vice President
CVPClosest Vector Problem
CVPCreative Video Productions (various locations)
CVPConsolidated Verification Process (procedure used to verify ongoing eligibility for social assistance in Ontario)
CVPCapital Value Process
CVPComputer-Vended Postage
CVPCapacitive Voltage Probe (EMC testing)
CVPCertified Vacation Planner (Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.)
CVPCoding Violation - Path (SONET)
CVPConsumer Value Products
CVPControlled Vacuum Packaging (poultry and other fresh meats)
CVPChief Vice President
CVPComputer Validation Program
CVPComprehensive Value Position
CVPColour Video Plotter (Decca Navigator Company)
CVPConformance Verification Plan
CVPClavinova Versatile Piano (Yamaha Corp.)
CVPCentro Don Virginio Pedretti (Italian: Don Virginio Pedretti Center; theatre; Italy)
CVPCompliance Verification Procedures
CVPCartes Virtuelles Personnalisées (French: Personalized Virtual Cards)
CVPCustomer Value Partners (Fairfax, VA)
CVPCurbside Value Partnership (curbside recycling; various locations)
CVPCercle de la Voile de Paris (French sailing club)
CVPCape Verde Property (real estate; UK)
CVPCisco Unified Customer Voice Portal
CVPCreative Vision of Packaging (France)
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The basic type of financial model addresses cost-volume-profit analysis, which assesses the effects of changes in volume, revenue, costs, and profits.
Three more-traditional topics ranked first, second, and third in textbook coverage: overhead allocation, master budgets, and cost-volume-profit analysis.
The case involves the application of transfer pricing, divisional performance analysis, cost estimation, and cost-volume-profit analysis.
Keywords: Contingent fuzzy approach; Credit-granting; Cost-volume-profit analysis; Markovian dynamic programming
How To Include Earnings-based Bonuses In Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis.
Breakeven and margin of safety are both part of a cost-volume-profit analysis, which means that we have to make some basic assumptions in order to perform and interpret our calculations.
Other common topic areas for both staff and senior positions are problem solving using spreadsheets, the value of information, cost-volume-profit analysis, break-even analysis, master budgeting, revenue variance and income analysis, problem solving using commercial software, overhead allocation, inventory control, employee compensation systems, management control systems, variance investigation, flexible budgeting, and comparison to financial accounting.
Linear Versus Nonlinear Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis: A Pedagogical Note.
management accounting; cost behavior analysis and cost estimation; cost-volume-profit and break-even analysis; relevant costing in nonroutine decisions; budgeting for profit planning; budgeting through financial modeling; discounting and compounding analysis techniques; capital budgeting; segmental performance; improving management performance; product cost accounting; cost allocations; variance analysis; management accounting of just-in-time manufacturing; cost accounting for service and nonprofit organizations; financial statement analysis; statement of cash flows; internal auditing and control; company taxes and more.
This system will serve to deliver critical management information on cost behavior patterns, cost controllability and cost-volume-profit relationships.
In the second part of the case, I incorporate extensions that focus on decision making and analysis, including cost-volume-profit, sensitivity, goal seeking, operating income and cash flow analyses, benchmarking, and other planning issues.
This ties in well with text material covering cost-volume-profit relationships.