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Given the Dresden connection, Wollny posits the visit of Johann Georg Pisendel to Weimar in 1709 as the origin of the sonata, and that date suits its rather untypical, not to say experimental, nature, lacking the integrative urge that was to become such a feature of Bach's later Weimar and Cothen works.
Perhaps Bach heard the concerto played both ways--in the upper octave on an F trumpet by Johann Ludwig Schreiber, the court trumpeter in Cothen, and in the lower octave on a natural horn by Gottfried Reiche.
1) from around 1720 makes clear that the virtuoso female singer was a literate musician who was adept at coordinating physical gesture with vocal delivery; Anna Magdalena's impressive salary in Cothen shows just how valuable such musical skills were, and these abilities reflected more than simply competence in the complex art of rendering in sound the elegant strokes of the composer's quill pen.
Until this time Bach was mainly known for his cantatas and keyboard music (including organ), and the Cothen era (when he became Kapellmeister of the court orchestra) had the composer switching gears and concentrating on other solo and ensemble instrumental works.
There are no intersections along Interstate highways, and no road crossings along runways," reminded Grady Cothen of the Federal Railroad Administration, quoting former FRA Administrator Gil Carmichael.
It surprises me that Bach scholars, including Marissen, perennially show more interest in the early - Leipzig or Cothen - versions of the Brandenburgs in existence before 1721 (agonizing over such minute matters as which member of the Cothen Kapelle played which instrument in which movement) than in the purpose for which the set of six as we know it today was copied out and sent to Berlin.
For nearly 150 years, as Cothen points out, the Southern Baptist Convention functioned as a cooperative endeavor of Baptist churches throughout the South and, after World War II, the nation.
7 Muller, Die Ratsel des Exeterbuches, Programm der herzoglichen Hauptschule zu Cothen (Cothen, 1861), 19.
Everybody is waiting on them and expecting some significant action,'' Grady Cothen, a former Federal Railroad Administration official, said after Wednesday's wreck.
2) For personal memoirs, see Judge Paul Pressler, A Hill On Which To Die: One Southern Baptist's Journey (Nashville: Broadman and Holman Publishers, 1999) and Grady Cothen, What Happened to the Southern Baptist Convention: A Memoir of the Controversy (Macon, GA: Smyth and Helwys Publishing, 1993).
2) Unos meses despues Bach encuentra trabajo en Cothen.
What they have not begun to tackle is a critique of the broadly accepted scheme of the evolution of Bach's musical style from his periods in Weimar, Cothen, and Leipzig.