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CSCounter-Strike (game)
CSCreative Suite (Adobe)
CSCounter Strike
CSChip Select
CSClip System (Nerf)
CSCaught Stealing (Baseball)
CSCore Systems
CSComputer Science
CSComputer Society
CSChristian Science
CSContext Switch
CSComputing Science
CSCommon Software
CSCustomer Service
CSComputer Studies
CSCommunication Server (back-end network terminology)
CSClient Server
CSCommunity Server
CSCompany Secretary
CSCommunications Security
CSControl System
CSCollege Station (Texas)
CSComing Soon
CSComputer Software
CSComputer Services
CSCross Section
CSColorado Springs
CSCritical Section
CSCommittee Substitute
CSCustomer Support
CSCommon Set
CSClient System(s)
CSCase Sensitive
CSChild Support
CSComputing Services
CSCustomer Satisfaction
CSCivil Service
CSCosta Rica
CSCommunity Service
CSCard Services (PCMCIA cards)
CSCredit Suisse
CSCentral Station
CSConvenience Store
CSCritical Systems
CSCenter Stage
CSCommunications System
CSCognitive Science
CSCommercial Service (US Department of Commerce)
CSCommittee Specification
CSCarbon Steel
CSCommunications Software
CSCommon Stock
CSCode Segment
CSChief of Staff
CSCommunications Services
CSCoffee Shop
CSCultural Studies
CSCooling System
CSCoordinate System
CSCrystal Space (open source 3d Engine)
CSClean Sheet (English soccer; goalie stat)
CSConstruction Site
CSControl Set
CSCable Select
CSCDF (Cumulative Distribution Function)-Based Scheduling Algorithm
CSCold Start
CSCall Server
CSConditioned Stimulus (psychology/psychiatry)
CSClear Screen (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
CSCosenza (Italy)
CSControl Section
CSCast Steel
CSContract Services
CSClub Sport
CSCase Series
CSCustom Scenery (aka Custom Scenery Object; also seen as CSO; Atari)
CSCollective Soul (band)
CSControlled Substance
CSCost Sharing
CSChanServ (IRC Channel Server)
CSCalifornia Special (automobile)
CSCut Sheet
CSControl Station (US Army)
CSC Sharp (File Name Extension)
CSCohort Study
CSCompetitive Sourcing
CSChange Status
CSCall Sign (military)
CSConceptual Structures
CSControl Store
CSConfined Space
CSCheck Sum
CSClubsport (Porsche model)
CSComponent Supplier
CSCommunications Support
CSChondroitin Sulfate
CSCyber Sex
CSChristian Surfers
CSChallenge Stradale (Ferrari)
CSConseil Scientifique (French: Scientific Council)
CSCombat Support
CSComposite Service
CSCocker Spaniel
CSChest Strap
CSCounty Seat
CSClinical Signs
CSChannel Status
CSCommunications Squadron
CSCurbside (vehicle design)
CSCoronary Sinus (medical)
CSCub Scouts
CSCompliance Specialist
CSChief Secretary (for Administration; Hong Kong)
CSComfort Suites (hotel)
CSCobra Starship (band)
CSCoronation Street (British soap opera)
CSCracked Software
CSCivil Servant
CSComo Siempre (as always)
CSCrimson Skies (video game)
CSCork Screw
CSCombat System
CSCapability Set
CSConstant Source
CSCurrent Series
CSCorporate Structure
CSConvergence Sublayer
CSCushing's Syndrome
CSCitrate Synthase
CSChad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers band member)
CSContract Specialist
CSCopper Sulfate
CSCoronado Springs (Disney Resort)
CSConstraint Set
CSCirrostratus (cloud formation)
CSCentro de Salud (Health Centre)
CSClive Staples (C.S. Lewis)
CSCum Suis (Latin: and associates)
CSConvenience Sampling
CSCardiogenic Shock (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
CSCompartment Syndrome
CSClose Support
CSCivil Support
CSCommercial Satellite
CSChlorinated Solvents
CSCoherent States
CSCultural Survival
CSControl Segment
CSCircuit Switch
CSCockayne Syndrome
CSContinuous Spectrum
CSClinical Supervisor
CSCerulean Studios
CSCat Show
CSCongenital Syphilis
CSCompetitive Strategies
CScoastal station (US DoD)
CSComputer Station
CSCurrent Strength
CSCropping System (agriculture)
CSColumn Space (mathematics)
CSCyberstorm (game)
CSCommunications Section
CSContractor Support
CSCircuit Schematic
CSCued Speech
CSCircle Surround (5.1 surround sound by SRS Labs)
CSChief Steward (various organizations)
CSConfidential Source
CSCharles Schwab & Co
CSChappelle's Show (Comedy Central TV show)
CSCaesarian Section
CSCommunications Subsystem
CScritical source (US DoD)
CSCombat Skill (gaming, Diablo II)
CSComputers and Security (International Federation of Information Processing journal)
CSCurrent Segment
CSComma Splice
CSChannel Selector
CSCurrent Sheet (astronomy)
CSCowden Syndrome
CSCriticality Safety (nuclear)
CSClose Shot (cinematography)
CSCulinary Specialist (navy rating)
CSCable Ship
CSChampionship Subdivision (football)
CSCrescent School (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CSCrew Station
CSCrystal Square (Crystal City, Arlington, VA)
CSCabin Systems
CSCrew Systems
CSConstruction Specialist
CSCello Suites
CScontrolled space (US DoD)
CSCaptain Skyhawk (video game)
CSSuperconducting Cyclotron
CSCore Segment
CSConducted Susceptibility
CSCell Station (radio basestation in PHS)
CSContracting Specialist (USACE)
CSCheck Solutions
CSComplete Sharing
CSCommunications Segment
CSCleveland Steamer
CSCode Strip
CSCompletely Sterile
CSCheap Sox (Tufts University Improvisational Comedy Troupe)
CSConsumer's Surplus (economics)
CSCait Sith (Final Fantasy VII character)
CSContent Staging
CSComputer Subsystem
CSCoordination Sud
CSCheating System (gaming)
CSCheesy Smile
CSCorbascript (File Extension)
CSCertification Survey
CSCore Spray (Nuclear Power)
CSCritically Sensitive
CSCommissaryman (USN Rating)
CSClassified Sensitive
CSCandidate Specification (GS1)
CSControl Synthesizer (Yamaha)
CSControl Strobe (logic signal, electronics)
CSCliometric Society
CSCheckout Station
CSCombat Surveillance
CSCoded Switch
CSCaval Syndrome (canine heartworm)
CSChondroid Syringoma (tumor)
CSCompetition Sensitive
CSCaustic Scrubber
CSCobalt Scar (Everquest)
CSCycles Shift
CSCapita Symonds Ltd (UK)
CSContractual Specification
CSCollaborative Statement
CSCrazy Safari (movie)
CSCompliance Subcommittee
CSCombat Sent
CSCurve to Spiral
CSCourant-Snyder (parameters)
CSCenti Stokes
CSChevalier School (Philippines)
CSCold Skill (gaming, Diablo II)
CSCommunication Scheduler
CSClosed Satellite
CSCastle Sauvage (game)
CSCoolant Sampling
CSCongregation Secretary (Jehovah's Witnesses)
CSContributory Support
CSCheck Sorter
CSContamination Survivability
CSCrew Simulator
CSConsumables Status
CSCorrugated Services, Inc (Forney, Texas)
CSChannel Shuffling (mobile communications)
CScreeping line single-unit (US DoD)
CSClogged Stream
CSMissionaries of St. Charles, Scalabrinians (religious order)
CSControllability Set
CSChemical/Cold Storage
CSContent Software GmbH
CSClairvoyant Scheme
CSCompletions Supervisor
CS0-Chlorobenzylmalononitrile (tear gas)
CSColorado Southern Railway Company
CSContainment Substation Bus (electrical)
CSContainment Safety/Spray
CSCompressor Subassembly
CSChaplain Service (Air Force) (US DoD)
CSContaminated Sites
CSCoefficient de Structure (French: Factor Structure)
CSCertified Sommelier (wine)
CSCampus Solutions (software)
CSConsigne de Sécurité (French: Security Deposit)
CSCreep Score (gaming)
CSConseiller a la Sécurité (French: Security Advisor)
CSCoordinateur Sécurité (French: Safety Coordinator)
CSColonne Sèche (French: Dry Column; firefighting device)
CSCody Simpson (musician)
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Table 1 - The sample of platforms Platforms Economic sector Date of Country foundation Airbnb Lodging service 2008 US Amazon Mechanical Turk Digital piece-work service 2005 US Blablacar Carpooling service 2006 France Couchsurfing Hospitality service 2004 US Deliveroo Food delivery service 2013 UK Drivy Peer to peer car rental 2010 France Etsy Handmade ecommerce 2005 US Leboncoin Classified ads website 2006 France Lulu dans ma rue Community job platform 2015 France TripAdvisor Travel website 2000 US Uber Private hire platform 2009 US Upwork Freelancing platform 2003 US VizEat Social dining platform 2014 France Youpijob Community job site 2012 France You Tube Video sharing website 2005 US Source: author
I did not use it for my journey, but later experience indicated that it did not have the same vibe as Couchsurfing.
He stays each night with friends or hosts he's found on the travel website CouchSurfing.
After that, from 2002 to 2006, new sophisticated Social Network Sites were created, such as: Fotolog, Friendster and Skyblog in 2002, Couchsurfing, Linkendin, MySpace, Tribe.
What every language learner must do is practice with native speakers from the earliest possible stage, be it in your home town via couchsurfing, on the internet via italki, or by travelling to the country and having your mistakes corrected by local people.
Couchsurfing The practice of spending the nights at friends' houses when one is homeless.
Para dormir puedo ir a un hotel convencional o puedo hacer intercambio de casas para estancias largas, o hacer couchsurfing para estancias cortas.
Emery and Chung stay with friends, family, Rotary Club contacts or those in the CouchSurfing network.
Accommodation is not included in these passes, which gives travelers the opportunity to choose the option that suits them the most (from couchsurfing to luxury options).
The earliest of the online sharing platforms, like Freecycle and CouchSurfing, encouraged the exchange of goods and services among peers for free.
Sometimes if it's a big city, I use websites like couchsurfing.