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CCODECountry Code
CCODECenter for the Celebration of Diversity through Education (Los Angeles, CA)
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SK-NIC is the manager of the exclusive country code top-level domain for Slovakia, sk.
ir and the other country codes are not "attachable property" because they "exist only as they are made operational by the ccTLD managers.
In addition to the country code, South Sudan will be assigned a mobile country code (MCC) and a signaling area/network code (SANC) that will indicate how calls should be routed.
cm Sarl, the official registry for country code top level domains in the Republic of Cameroon, announced on 25 September that it will launch the .
Walkers, cyclists, horse-riders and other users are being urged to obey the Country Code and respect the fact that their ``playground'' is also a workplace for farmers, foresters and other rural enterprises.
Part of the mix is some 250 top-level country code domain name holders such as .
Anyone with a phone can play Simply call the airport at 44806111 (from outside Argentina, add the country code of 54 and Buenos Aires' code of 11).
But the welcome comes with a plea to remember the country code.