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I think course work is a redeeming feature of the exam system.
Again, the course work is stimulating and has made me think in new ways.
My children went to the Westwood School and they went in the holidays to finish course work.
Fifty-seven students at a urban Midwestern university enrolled in course work leading to professional degrees in education participated in the study, with 37 students enrolled in a statistics course compared to 20 students in other education courses on measures of course anxiety and academic self-efficacy.
Although I can only speak for the personnel preparation programs in teaching students with visual impairments and O&M at Florida State University (FSU), others are meeting the same challenge of incorporating CVI content into course work through lectures, assigned readings, guest lectures, assignments, and practicum experiences.
His mum, Nicola, said: "The books are full of sketches, a full year of course work to be assessed.
Such assessments could include periodic surveys that ask students whether they (1) discuss course topics outside of class; (2) read business journals regularly; (3) read nonbusiness periodicals regularly; (4) consider how current course work ties into prior course work; and (5) participate in student business clubs.
According to the results of the ongoing survey study that measures student feedback to both a set questionnaire and individual responses to online required assignments, students enrolled in the multimedia course on Italian Fascism report a more active engagement with course work, and they have also invested more of their own time in the course.
I used up all my vacation time to attend ACPE seminars and then on to New Orleans for the course work at Tulane.
A GCSE examiner described her course work as the best he had seen in 30 years of judging student art.