CRPVCottontail Rabbit Papillomavirus
CrPVCricket Paralysis Virus
CRPVCentre Regional de Pharmacovigilance (French: Regional Pharmacovigilance Center)
CRPVCentro Ricerche Produzioni Vegetali (Italian: Plant Production Research Center)
CRPVChloroquine-Resistant Plasmodium Vivax (malaria strain)
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Sin embargo, tanto la CRPV y la Federacion Mexicana de Pelota Vasca y Fronton fueron incapaces de refrendar y sostener su compromiso de organizar la Copa del Mundo de 30 metros en Mexico, en 2016.
In these experiments, if rabbits were infected systemically with CRPV by direct injection of virus into the muscle or bloodstream, papillomas did not arise on the skin of the challenged animals, but neutralizing antibodies were generated and the animals were completely resistant to viral challenge by abrasion of the epithelium.
Immunization with virus-like particles in cottontail rabbit papillomavirus (CRPV) can protect against experimental CRPV infection.