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C2GClient to Gateway
C2GCradle to Grave
C2GCitizen to Government
C2GCall to Greatness (TV show)
C2GCommand and Control Guard
C2GCommitment to Graduate
C2GCome2go Ministries (Fort Wayne, IN)
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LUKE PICKERING-JONES: I feel that reforms of the NHS are overdue and we need to look at joining our Health and Social Care services under one organisation and one budget that provides a cradle to grave services incorporating other areas such as leisure etc.
Cradle To Grave, written by Danny Baker and Jeff Pope, was fast, frenetic - and all over the place.
It is evident that the current cradle to grave approach to materials design contains inefficiencies, generates waste and cannot be sustained.
Life from cradle to grave will be regulated and planned.
CRADLE TO GRAVE (BBC2, 9pm) BOLTON-born comedian Peter Kay playing, of all people, a Cockney docker from "sarf" London, seems like strange casting.
CRADLE TO GRAVE (BBC2, Thursday, 9pm) THIS new sitcom is based on the teenage years of journalist and radio DJ Danny Baker and for an added bonus features Peter Kay playing Danny's dad, Fred.
It will showcase songs from upcoming album From "e Cradle To "e Grave which is also to provide the musical backdrop for new seventies-set TV comedy Cradle To Grave, an adaptation of Danny Baker's autobiography starring Peter Kay as the writer and broadcaster.
Fully voiced characterizations by both talented readers lend credence to the desperation, depravity, and foolhardiness of the parties as they wend their way from cradle to grave, from home life to the wilds of Africa.
If the last event was [captured] from cradle to grave, this one was from birth to grave," says Nicola Fox of Goddard.
From cradle to grave, millions of Americans would get a tax cut under a plan unveiled Monday by the Republicans' chief congressional tax writer.