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CRISTCentre for Research in Information Storage Technology (UK)
CRISTCentral Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology (St. Petersburg, Russia)
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Eventually, Crist says, like all trends, the pendulum will swing back "once we get into a zone where Eliot Spitzer isn't the most sought after Halloween costume.
Crist, Chen, and Hunan reached a settlement, with Crist accepting an assignment of any available insurance of the defendants in return for an agreement not to execute upon the property of Chen, Hunan, or the restaurant's owner.
Crist, who goes on trial in Pennsylvania today, has been likened to Alec Guinness in the film Kind Hearts and Coronets.
Washington state customers will buy the brew because they are upset over court rulings and other decisions favoring tribal claims, Crist said.
It's always exciting and stimulating to have the opportunity to interact with young people in our state, particularly the caliber of students at Stetson University College of Law," Crist said.
Rick Scott, who refused to take the stage for the first seven minutes because Crist had an electric fan underneath his podium, the former governor described the incident in one word: "weird.
Crist made the announcement on his (https://twitter.
Crist lost a bid for the Senate two years ago to Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio in a bitter battle that divided the state's Republican Party.
Crist for making "tremendous strides in diversifying the courts through his numerous appointments," Min said, "there are still strides to be made and Gov.
Martinez never really seemed suited for Washington, and Crist never seems content for long in any office.
Speaking to a Real Estate Roundtable session the same month in Tallahassee, Crist told realtors, "It doesn't get much better than this.
Crist threw for one score and ran for another as Notre Dame (7-1, 1-0) scored 19 second-half points to pull away.