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CROESUSNavy Plan for Copernicus
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But Julia keeps no diary in these days; never sings Affection's Dirge; eternally quarrels with the old Scotch Croesus, who is a sort of yellow bear with a tanned hide.
On the invitation of Croesus he fixed his residence at Sardis, and was employed by that monarch in various difficult and delicate affairs of State.
your brother Ned is getting richer than Croesus by railway speculations; they call him in the Piece Hall a stag of ten; and I have heard from Brown.
I refer here to the story of Solon, the great Athenian wise man and lawgiver, and his visit to Croesus, the Lydian king, as recounted in Book 1 of the Histories.
The ambiguity of divine communication, linked with the grip of fate, is emphasized in Herodotus's account of Cyrus, who--like Croesus, Cleomenes, and Cambyses--receives an accurate vision of his own demise but without discerning its true significance.
I can say, with hand on heart, that the only major conspiracy I saw was the one which everyone seemed engaged in, which involved self-enrichment beyond the dreams of Croesus whilst not giving a tinker's cuss about the impact our actions had on society as a whole.
The 2,500 year old piece is part of a treasure trove of goods belonging to King Croesus and, following its illegal removal and colourful history, the trinket is at last to be restored to Turkey and placed safely in a new national museum.
The result is a unique commentary on mid-century America, a nation energized by its pursuit of manifest destiny, invigorated by an emerging industrial age, stimulated by a religious awakening, and, above all, enriched by the Croesus of California gold.
The class of Kabil has 3 faces - Fir'aon (Pharaoh) and Haman (for power), Qarun (Korah) and Croesus (for wealth), and Balaam (for creed).
When the 2500-ton iron steamer Croesus, on its maiden voyage, arrived in Sydney on 20 April 1854, there were fears it could not safely return to England.
I was financially sophisticated enough to see through the great endowment mortgage scam, even though I was called a fool for insisting on a dull old repayment mortgage when I could have this fantastic product that would not only pay off my debt at the end of its term, but leave me rich as Croesus, relaxing in a hot tub in the Caribbean with a minimum of three bikini-clad babes.
Yes, there is such an embarrassment of riches at Ballydoyle that it would make Croesus tug at his beard with envy, but the deployment of a Classicplaced Group 1 winner as nothing more than a hare beggars belief.