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The really strange component of the dung was this: fragments of what appeared to be crustacean shell in 10 of the 15 specimens they studied.
Samples of sand, water and crustacean shell wastes were collected where isolation was done on minimal synthetic agar and nutrient agar where they were incubated for one week at room temperature (291C).
ABSTRACT Environmental contaminants have been suggested frequently as causative factors in crustacean shell disease.
Green Logic is an alternative to traditional melamine formaldehyde programmes based on Chitosan, a product derived from crustacean shell waste.
If Schelling is right, then music and architecture meet where architecture thaws and music congeals, and Toop and Hasegawa's hybrid marks the point at which the two become one, where music becomes a machinic organism secreting a crustacean shell of glass and steel.
In a crustacean shell, chitin binds tightly to trace elements and proteins encountered in the environment.
Crustacean shells were found in at least 10 corpolite samples that were collected from three different stratigraphic layers spread across 13 miles in the national monument, leading Chin to think the hardy animals were not mistakenly consumed by the herbivorous dinosaurs.
It's a tiny construct composed of magnesium, titanium dioxide, and a polymer derived from crustacean shells called chitosan.
5]N), a long-chain polymer that acts as the structure for crustacean shells, is being explored by University of British Columbia chemist Mark MacLachlan as a material for biodegradable coffee cups, supercapacitor electrodes and even battery electrodes.
Though never quite poisoned, my over-enthusiasm for sea-fresh fish soon made me sick from some unknown toxin that no doubt lurked in crustacean shells.
The sun-dried crustacean shells were treated with 0.