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cm3Cubic Centimeters
cm3Construction Mechanic Third Class (Naval Rating)
cm3Centralized Medical Material Management (US Army)
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For new and used cars with an engine capacity of less than 1,500 cubic centimeters, the import customs duty remained the same at a level of $0.
Earlier, the customs duty on the import of new cars with an engine capacity of 1,500 cubic centimeters or more was $0.
Transparent elastic tape 1 "x 5 yards,abrasive cleaner device for instrumental electrosurgical,full equipment for adult patient toracostomE[degrees]a, capacity of 2000 to 2500 cubic centimeters connector and drain pipe,full equipment for patient pediatric toracostomE[degrees]a 1 camera, sealing and capacity of 1000 cubic centimeters connector and drain pipe,lancet, straight cut, pediatric use, disposable, sterile individual packaging etc.
Low-cost fuel cartridges are analogous to disposable alkaline batteries, but a cartridge containing 50 cubic centimeters of methanol can power your laptop for five or more hours compared to 10 minutes if you used an alkaline battery," said VIASPACE and DMFCC chief executive officer Carl Kukkonen.
Carrying the name of a popular model in the 1970s, the Passol weighs about half the weight of gasoline-powered scooters with an engine displacement of 50 cubic centimeters.
228) that the free-PSA-ratio test is effective only for men with a prostate volume less than 40 cubic centimeters.
Finasteride is clearly superior to placebo and clinically effective in men with prostates over 40 cubic centimeters,'' Roehrborn said.
In the process, that air flows across the sensor, which measures its amount directly in standard cubic centimeters per minute (SCCM).
Complete container, mold manufacturing and tooling services, along with a line of extrusion and injection blow molding machinery for containers ranging from a few cubic centimeters to over 100 gal.
Currently, the customs duty on the import of new cars with an engine capacity of 1,500 cubic centimeters or more is $0.
6-million-year-old hominid braincase found in South Africa and attributed to Australopithecus africanus place its volume at about 515 cubic centimeters--much less than an earlier rough estimate of at least 600 cubic centimeters, reports a team directed by anthropologist Glenn C.
Overall, the women lost between 12 and 35 pounds, an average of half an inch from the waist and about 44 cubic centimeters of fat from around the body organs.