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CUBSCompletely Useless by September
CUBSCity University Business School (UK)
CUBSCommunity Urban Bus Service
CUBSCan't Understand Baseball Strategy
CUBSCredit Union for Berkeley Students
CUBSCitizens United for Baseball in the Sunshine
CUBSCredit Union and Building Society (Australia)
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And it was he that first gripped another cub by the ear and pulled and tugged and growled through jaws tight-clenched.
The fascination of the light for the grey cub increased from day to day.
In fact, the grey cub was not given to thinking--at least, to the kind of thinking customary of men.
Mother Wolf shook herself clear of the cubs and sprang forward, her eyes, like two green moons in the darkness, facing the blazing eyes of Shere Khan.
Mother Wolf threw herself down panting among the cubs, and Father Wolf said to her gravely:
But as soon as his cubs are old enough to stand on their feet he must bring them to the Pack Council, which is generally held once a month at full moon, in order that the other wolves may identify them.
Nada awoke, and rising, cried out with joy at the sight of the cub, but for a moment I stood astonished.
I cried at last, "let the cub go before the lions come to rend us
And suddenly he seized the head of the cub and twisted its neck; then threw it on to the ground, and added, "See, now I have done your bidding, my father
Man-cub this, and Man-cub that," he rumbled, going on with his drink, "the cub is neither man nor cub, or he would have been afraid.
The eyes of the monster and the kneeling maiden met for an instant, when the former stooped to examine her fallen foe; next, to scent her luckless cub.
It might frighten an older woman, to see a she-painter so near her, with a dead cub by its side.