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CUDOSCommonwealth Universities Database Online Service (UK)
CUDOSClinically Useful Depression Outcome Scale (psychology)
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The conventional CUDOS takes less than 3 minutes to complete and about 15 seconds to score.
Agreement on remission status (based on a previously validated cutoff value of 20) was 91% between the CUDOS instruments.
For example, an individual patient might tell his psychiatrist he is feeling better, but he might have residual depression symptoms that CUDOS could detect and that otherwise would put him at risk of relapse.
The thinking behind CUDOS was inspired by an innovative series of design workshops that were held with a group of women, predominantly from British Muslim communities.
But her heart is broken after an affair with wannabe singer Tommy who goes on to become a huge teen star, claiming the cudos for all the songs they wrote together.
The Calendar is like my favorite pillow; I don't travel without it," said Sloane Wiggins, owner of Cudos, a gift shop in Augusta, GA.